2014 MISS/MR ANUCA photo competition


Let me introduce you to ANUCA first inter University Awards in Nigeria. 

Annual University Crest Awards (ANUCA) first Inter University awards In Nigeria also the 3rd Media Awards in Nigeria. With the Vision of supporting and Encouraging Students Through awards Recognition’s

And here are the winner of 2014 MISS/MR ANUCA photo competition 


Full name: Adedokun Adetutu
Present age: 20 years. 
Date of birth: 9th of May.
Origin: Oyo. 
Present location: Ogun State.  
School: Bowen University.
Level: 400.  
Relationship status: Dating. 
Religion: Christianity.
Interests/ About me: Modelling/I’m a friendly, super playful lady. I’ve got dignity.
Likes/Dislikes: Fun people/Embarrassment and pretence.
Blackberry pin:
Phone number: Facebook name:
Adetutu Adedokun. 
Twitter Handle: @pweediekid.

Vision for ANUCA: To be an award every university in Nigeria would anticipate yearly. 
How did you get your likes: Through the help of my friends and family.
Do you ever believe you will win: Yes.
Advice for other participants: Never give up!! Winners don’t quit. Quitters don’t win. Having something to motivate you is the best way to win. What can you say to people getting fake likes: Honesty pays.
Where do you see ANUCA in 5 years: I see ANUCA as a brand, university students across the country would want to associate with.
How do you feel becoming Miss ANUCA 2014: I feel great.
Will you register for this next year: No, because I’d have graduated.
Can you advice someone to contest: Yes.
A word for the CEO: Indigenous idea. Go stronger.
A word for ANUCA: God bless ANUCA!


Full Name Oyegbile Olajide Oluwadamilola
Present Age: 22
Date Of Birth: 25/june /1991
Origin: ogbomosho, Oyo state

Present Location: Ibadan
School: Bowen University Level- 500lv.
Relationship Status: Single
Religion: christian
Interests/About Me: Am jide, also known as JBlaze,  I Sing, act, write movie scripts n do creative directing, am also a medical student, that makes it more interesting. Buh am good at what I do. Am just me
Like And Dislikes: I like truthfulness and openess, I dislike lies
Blackberry Pin:
Phone Number: – 
Facebook Name: jide oyegbile
Twitter Handle: @itsjblaze
Vision for ANUCA :I see them going far, helping students and bring them together, creating some fun and tension, they would be to reckon with soon
Tell us little about ANUCA. Annual university crest awards, it’s an award concept aided at bringing different schools under one umberalla, and appreciating the candidates.It’s more of a youth empowerment thing
How did You Get your Like’s:  BC’s Family and friends
Do you ever Believe You will win ? Yeah. Sorta. I tot so, buh yeah, I also tot I could loseBut 90percent to win
Who did you fear is voting race most during voting: no 1, specifically,mayb Niyi sha
Advice for Other Participate:keep calm, and keep good friends dat won’t stab u, and be smart
What can you say to People getting Fake Like’s : if u do, only fake people would celebrate u.
Say Thank you to a Celebrity who help you during competition : DENRELE a big thank you, his little retweet went a long way
Where do see ANUCA in 5 year’s-. A place I can’t describe, buh up dere
How do you feel becoming MR/MISS ANUCA 2014 :Cool, and happy, not to have dissapointed friends and family
Will you register for this next year : depends buh possibly
Can you advice someone to context : sure, y not
A word for The CEO : weldone. Happy for him, at his tender age
A word for ANUCA: God bless ANUCA
The Next competition is FACE OF ANUCA .
Do you have the Beauty ? Are you Handsome to be the next FACE OF ANUCA 2014
The registration is On now visit http://www.crestaward.com to register ,Registration cost 2000


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