It baffles me when people say I sing and sound like Wizkid —Sossi

Fast rising Nigerian hip hop sensation, Sossi, was recently signed under Buggatti Record label. The undergraduate said he believes his time in the music industry has come at the right time and he wants to utilise it well. He speaks with Segun Adebayo about his career and what he wants to make out of it.

You are fresh in the music industry and your name seems to be ringing everywhere, tell me how your music career started?
The interest in music for me, started as a growing passion back in the days. Music is something that makes me happy a lot when I am listening to it and I see people derive entertainment from it when I was growing up. It started growing until I started to fall in love with sound of different songs, I didn’t really know it would be something that would later form a big part of my entire existence. You know, sometimes you just find yourself loving something subconsciously and before you know it, it has grown to become something that takes over your mind.

Was music the only thing you actually loved doing when you were growing up? Sometimes it is possible to have passion for different things as a young growing up boy…
Yes, that’s true, I also loved playing football and I still do. The fact is that I would have been a footballer if I wasn’t doing music today. But music happens to have grown in me that I couldn’t even think of something else and after a while, I decided to stick to what my mind wants to do. From that point, I have been writing and composing songs. It has really become a big part of my existence that I can’t do without.

So you write songs? How easy is it for you start writing songs at that young age?
In this part of the world, Nigeria to be precise, our music industry is still growing. And, that’s why you will see artistes doing almost everything by themselves. Buying songs has been part of our culture in this part of the world. But writing songs is like a job you have to do if you want to be a musician. I started writing songs at the age of 17, but I actually started miming and singing at the age of 10. Songs by P Square, 2face, Westlife were the ones I loved when I was growing up. I recorded my first song when I got out of secondary school.

How did you convince your parents about your choice of career?
There was not really anything to convince them about because I didn’t let them know in the first place because I was scared. But after a while, my mum who happens to be my number one fan, who has always supported my career from the day one, asked me if I was sure music was I wanted to do, and I told yes. So, she gave me her blessings. And of course, it hasn’t been affecting my school. The two have been going well together without any hitch. My dad is a business man and he’s always very busy. I didn’t really grow up with my dad because he was always on the road and travelling here and there for one business or the other. When my started seeing what I have been up to on TV and on the Social Media, he said he was happy that I am doing something for myself and he’s happy that I have gotten to this stage.

Talking about stages, what stage are you in the music industry at the moment?
I am still in learning stage; I am still growing and I definitely not where I used to be. There has been some development over the years. Right now, I am signed under Buggatti record label. Record labels don’t just pick you on the street; you must have done something that would have caught their attention. It all happened basically on the Social Media network. When I drop songs, I put them online for people to listen and pass their comments. I think they heard one of my songs that I did in 2011. I don’t know how it got leaked online and someone sent the song to the label’s email address and they linked up with some of my other songs that had been online before now, so that’s how they contacted me.

I learnt the deal comes with some juicy packages like getting you an apartment in Lekki and a brand new Porsche Cayenne SUV. That’s quite much. How did they convince you to take up the deal?
They showed to me that we have got the same target and vision. That’s the reason I feel we have got this same great taste for good music and its production. It’s my first professional deal. It was more or less like magic when they brought the offer to the table. I am still surprised as we speak now. The offer shocked me. Right now, all I need to do is keep working hard and allow them to handle their part. Right now, I am working on my weak points so that there won’t be any lapses in the long run. I know I have got what it takes to move my music to the next level with the help of my record label.

Do you believe you would see out your contract till expires, I mean what if something bigger comes your way in the nearest future, would you still stay on Buggatti Records?
There is something they call loyalty. If you know where you are coming from, you would know where you are going to. There is this saying that you should never forget your roots. People who discovered you, freshened you up and put you where could not have seen yourself in few years from now, you don’t pay them back with disloyalty. This is a contract that I believe would go beyond this phase. I signed a good deal and I know I can deliver.

The industry is very competitive right now, how sure do you think you can deliver and pay back the people who have invested so much in you?
I am not ready to compete with anybody. I just want to do my thing and be happy. I want the people to be happy when they see me.

But you know you sound very much like Wizkid, how do you want to handle that aspect?
People do say that a lot and I feel it’s probably because there is no face in my music right now. But I am working on new videos, when people start seeing my face they would stop saying I am soun like Wizkid. If you listen to more songs of me, you would feel me and know that I am different. It baffles me that people say I sound like Wizkid, because I don’t believe I do. I sound like myself. I have been sounding like this.

Do you listen to Wizy’s songs?
Yeah, I do. Wizkid is a brand that is going everywhere and I am happy for him. I am his big fan but I want to create my own brand. He’s a great artist and I love him, but we are different persons. When Usher started, they referred to him as Michael Jackson, but later, the guy distinguished himself. I believe when people hear more of my songs and see my face everywhere; they would know I am different. With the help of my label, we are going places.

What’s the next line of action on your record label?
We are throwing out songs and shooting my latest video. We are working on my debut album and major collaboration. We did an international collaboration with a Jamaican artist. We are dropping that soon. I don’t want to mention names right now. I have shared the same stage with Nigerian A list musicians over the years. This is what I have been working on over the years and now that the time has come, I want to work hard to make sure I make my mark.

How do you want to handle fame and women now that you are gradually coming up?
I am just going to concentrate on my work. I am not new to fame and I believe it is just a phase in my life that I have to pass through. It won’t get into my head for one minute. And, as regards women, I will like to say music is my life right now, no women. I don’t have time for them now. When I get to that stage, I will handle them. My voice is my strongest point and I know it will take me to places.

You are still in school, how has your career and music been going?
I won’t pull out of school for anything. I am in my third year and I am almost done. So this is not something that I can trade for anything. School and music are two different things. I try to manage my time very well, because there is a time for class, test and all that. I don’t joke with class. My parents won’t even allow that. I am studying Geography in the University of Lagos. I love Geography. It has always been my most loved subject.

Source: tribune


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