We are also human, we also argue —PSquare

FOLLOWING the family quarrel between African music duo, PSquare, Peter Okoye took to his Twitter handle to appeal to fans to move on from their issues as they had settled their differences.

He said “We are also human; we have settled our differences. And it has made us stronger! Thank you all for your support and prayers.”

He tweeted further: “We quarrel and argue just as you all do the same with your siblings and families. PSquare is no exception.”

The duo’s publicist, Mr Bayo Adetu, had been quoted last week as saying that the fight between the brothers was a mere publicity stunt; but in a statement released to Saturday Tribune, he debunked the statement saying “My attention has been drawn to one magazine interview quoting me that the purported PSquare break-up tale was a ‘publicity stunt.’ It was indeed a misconception on the part of the writer. I never said the rumour was a ‘publicity stunt.’

“There is no way I could have granted an official interview and speak in such denigrating manner as being portrayed by the magazine in question.

“I can remember talking to Star FM and NTA2, and it is on record that I never spoke in such unprofessional manner! Most importantly, I never said it was a ‘publicity stunt’ because that amounts to toying with the emotions of PSquare fans.

“I cherish the fans more than diamond and therefore, I will never disrespect or toy with their emotions.”


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