Hafiz Oyetoro Finds Another ‘Soul Mate’

•Hafiz Oyetoro

Not what you are thinking! But witty Nigerian actor and comedian, Hafiz Oyetoro a.k.a Saka, has bagged another endorsement deal with Soul Mate, a leading hair care products manufacturer.

The deal, said to be mouth-watering, will see Saka leading the new campaign of the brand with two other stars, Ure Scott Kalu and Ifeoma Ume Okeke.

Saka and the models will star in the commercial portraying the result of using the newly introduced set of Soul Mate body cream.

“We are committed to our customers, and that is why for two years, we have tested the new line, especially the skin lightening cream and only decided to launch when we were sure the time was right,” Dele Okusanya, Communications Director, Soul Mate said.


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