Step up security in Nigeria —PMAN leader urges GEJ

PMAN President, Kevin Lucciano Gabriel, has called on the government to step up security for Nigerians, just as he sent condolence messages to the bereaved families of the Oputas, Amatas and the Otedolas who lost close ones last week and this week.

The call for the tightening of Nigeria’s security came from the label owner of Questionmark in Ghana where he heard that the Boko Haram sect had announced it was going to sell the students abducted at Chibok at the black market. He described as absurd and degrading to the nation that a sect could hold the nation to its knees, though he doesn’t believe the sect is stronger than the nation.

“It is my believe that if the entire nation wills it, Boko Haram can be a thing of the past in Nigeria. It is not the fight of President Jonathan Goodlock alone, it is the fight of all Nigerians”, he said.

He urged Nigerians not to fold their arms and watch it brought down to its knees “or we shall all suffer the dire consequence”.

On the death of former governor of Lagos State, Sir Michael Otedola, he said the father of his friend, Femi, was a hard working man who used all he had to serve the people, especially when he held sway as governor in Lagos. “It is a sad loss. I commiserate with the Otedolas, just as I condole with the Amatas and Oputas over the death of Igwe and retired Justice Oputa. This has been a long, sad weekend for Nigeria as we have lost three citizens who had in diverse ways positively affected our nation. I send my sincere condolences to the entire families. God will grant those left behind the strength to continue in life, Kevin said.

Oputa died last Sunday two months after he suffered a stroke. Amaka Igwe died last week from asthma, while Otedola died on Monday.


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