World of Banana: Fans Throw Bananas At AC Millan Team Players

AC Milan players were reportedly pelted with bananas by football fans on Sunday, during their game against Atalanta.

The team which suffered a 2-1 defeat against Atalanta however, tried to make the best out the situation by applauding to the bizarre show of support, while two team members Nigel de Jong and Kevin Constant were seen picking up two bananas that had been thrown onto the pitch.

AC Milan players sarcastically applaud Atalanta fans

Atalanta boss Stefano Colantuono, expressed shock and disgust at the distasteful act, saying that the fans ruined what was a great afternoon and that anyone who threw a banana on the pitch deserved to have a coconut thrown back at them.

Speaking on the matter, the AC Milan boss also expressed his disappointment, adding that he hoped the perpetrators would be brought to book; “I hope they find the culprit and do what they have to do” he said.

The football fans were warned that if the banana throwing incident was to repeat itself, the game would be suspended.

It would be recalled that two weeks ago, footballer Dani Alves had a banana thrown at him by a racist Villarreal fan. The Barcelona FC player however reacted by picking up the banana and eating it up on the pitch – a most unexpected and humorous reaction that went viral.

Dani’s amazing response also started a #notoracism trend on twitter, with a lot of footballers and people all over the world joining in to take pictures of themselves posing with bananas and uploading then online as a way to fight racist attacks


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