Castro’s Wife Says He’s Alive!

After her husband cheated on her with another girl, Janet with whom he drowned, Castro’s legal wife, Dorothy says she still believes her husband is alive.

Mr. Nicholas Adu-Gyamfi, an Uncle to Mrs. Tagoe,  told Razz Newspaper that Dorothy and the rest of the family doesn’t believe the singer is dead.

“Castro’s wife and her family believe that Castro is not dead. He’s missing and we are all searching for him. We believe strongly that we will see him,” he said.

“We in Ghana who represent Mrs. Dorothy have been to Ada and we think the media can help us without concentrating on her,” he commented on the media’s attention being drawn to her.

On why Mrs. Dorothy Tagoe has not turned up in the country after Razz Newspaper’s publication last week that she was supposed to be in Ghana; Mr. Adu-Gyamfi said, “We know the media want news, but you should also consider the situation at hand and the woman involved. It’s not easy and so if she doesn’t want to speak to the media now, we will have to respect that. When she’s ready to speak to the media, will let you know.”

He also added that families of Castro and Dorothy have been working together to find Castro.

According to him, the reasons for Dorothy’s absence in Ghana since the incident is well understood by Castro’s family.

On speculations about Castro and Dorothy having divorced or having challenges with their marriage before the incident, Mr. Adu-Gyamfi stated; “If not for this issue that has come up, I don’t think you will be interested in knowing the state of their marriage, but like I keep saying, they are still married! They have not broken up.”


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