I Didn’t Mean To Wink; Sweat Entered My Eye” – @koredebello @DONJAZZY @Dpluscool

The video to the hit track “Dorobucci” by Don Jazzy and his Mavin Records artistes has caused a lot of excitement on all social media, as it was released just this week.

korede bello wink Naijaloaded.com .ng  Dorobucci Video: “I Didn’t Mean To Wink; Sweat Entered My Eye” – Korede Bello

Majority of this buzz is down to a scene from the video, in which label member Korede Bello winked at the camera while singing his part in the song.

This scene has generated a lot of attention, particularly from females, and even inspired the Twitter hashtag #KoredeBelloWink, through which people can tweet pictures of them winking.

It now turns out that the now-famous scene almost didn’t happen at all.

FNN has received unconfirmed reports that claim that Korede Bello didn’t actually intend to wink at the camera, but only did so because his make-up ran, causing sweat to drip into an eye.

According to a source, Bello has recently revealed that the set of the video shoot was very hot, and it was at that moment when sweat dripped into his eye that he reflexively winked, causing the scene to be created. FNN cannot confirm the truth to these reports, but more as this story develops.




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