About Us

What does the name stand for and why is it the name of the blog? Joafjoe is a combination of my names, world and entertainment were used to accomplished my aim.
This site exists as a way for me to share and promote entertainment industry.
Enjoy the site. Join the conversation in the comments. Promote your work for free, download and inform others. You can also visit www.joafjoemagazine.wordpress.com

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What else you can find on this site?
“We are entering a digital decade where smart, connected devices and advanced home-entertainment solutions will enable people to utilize technology in new ways and maximize its full potential.”
“We grow up with certain icons and certain entertainment … and being able to share it with someone else and see it through their eyes for the first time is very satisfying,”
“He is great. He sings, he’s a comic, he does a magic show… It’s great family entertainment.”
“We want to provide the best possible entertainment for our fans and that means creating a winning team and maximizing their chances of success.”
“Our objective is to bring quality entertainment to that facility. The quantity is going to vary from year to year.”

“Note; it’ll be a great opportunity for the town to provide a family-style entertainment facility for our families while using an area that, prior to this administration, was commercially unproductive.”
“JoafjoeWorld Entertainment, Broadcast represents the best in the convergence of entertainment and new media. This new service combines the interactivity of the Web with the rich experience of television and radio.”

“We really think we have some great entertainment this year.”
I am not a natural entertainer. I can be a good host and usually remember to ask friends who come over if they want something to tell their fans. Usually. As an introvert, my desire is to spend quality time with people in whatever setting that may be.